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usag .. *__*


usag .. *__*


'You need to read YOUR manga dude!' replied william shatner 
> looking at cartoon ghosts
mischa: that ghost’s mouth is near its ghost legs oh no
milo: ghost legs….what
mischa: the ghost legs??????
milo: ????? the little nubs??
mischa: yeah???
milo: what does it fuckin walk around like an octopus???
mischa: yeah??….how else do they get around????
milo: ???? they float????? they’re ghosts??? ?
mischa: ?? ???? ?
milo: ???? ? ????

hey! sorry i have been very inactive on here for a bit! i’ve had work a lot the past couple of weeks and im already in my last term of school!

but just so you all know, im going to be making an art only blog (just for job purposes and stuff) so when it’s ready I’ll definitely make it public

sorry i havent been drawing much either! that ties in with school stuff sadly..but i only have about 4 weeks left and then i have my summer break, so i will try to draw a lot more! but for now, im focusing on my portfolio (because im trying to get into an animation bachelor next year woweee excite)

so thanks for sticking around! i will try to become more active in the next few weeks. luv ya


look at this sneak peek of Over the Garden Wall

looks so good, i’m really excited. there’s another sneak peek here

hey uh that gif of the lizard eating the ice cream…reptiles cant properly digest dairy products so that lizard probably has been starved and will eat anything. don’t give dairy products to reptiles please

anxiety at work: a photoset


Dad Stickers